It is trite that no man is perfect but it is true also, that it is very possible for you to take your stand on an issue (which you know is the truth) and mean it. I know also that there are some forms of influence here but let me tell you, the fact that a lot of people are doing it does not make it right. There is an aphorism that used to go thus: don’t follow the multitude and do the wrong thing.  If you know the truth, go for it and stand also for it no matter what. You may wonder what I mean in all these… Now let’s face it.

Since when did pregnancy before marriage become lawful? The most annoying part of it is the prevalent abuse of the marriage veil. As much as I know, that veil signifies that the man that is about marrying you has not uncovered you yet meaning, he has not seen your nakedness yet so why bother yourself with that veil? The fundamental truth here is if you like the beauty in the veil, then there is a price you have to pay i.e., deaden ye therefore your mortal bodies…; flee from every appearance of evil; flee from youthful lust… for You cannot have your cake and eat it. Take it or leave it, that’s the truth.

The last time I checked, Adam never tested if Eve was good in bed before marrying her. The Bible says that immediately he saw her, he recognized her. Listen to what he said: this is now the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh… so why do people keep testing themselves for no justifiable reason?

Dearly beloved, let your marriage foundation be founded on the truth which is Jesus for Holy Book says if the foundation is broken, what shall the righteous do?(PSALMS 11:4). If you already know what is right, do it. If you did not, know ye now that pre-marital sex is a sin (the Bible calls it fornication) despite the fact that majority of people are doing it. Let me tell you, even if everyone does the wrong thing, it doesn’t make it right so don’t follow the multitude and do the wrong thing. Hold fast unto the truth you have known now for it will set you free. Decide today to wait upon the lord for a compatible life partner while you work on yourself, pray, and court well. If you do this, God will never let you see shame.

If you don’t have Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour, accept Him today so that when you pray, you could have a quick access to Him as a child does to his father for without Him, you can do nothing. God bless you.

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