LADIES, PLEASE LET’S TALK. I wish to share stuff that has been bothering me for a long time now, and I’m not smiling. Please don’t be offended by this post, and even if you are, it is your choice and it means you surely need to change your ways.
Where did we miss it?
How did we get here?
How did we lose it?…..I mean our value(s)/worth?

Sometimes I wonder if it is stupidity, unworthiness, mistake, or low self-esteem.
I also sometimes wonder if it is mumu, juju, jazz, or whatever, that makes some ladies lose their mind. No wonder someone said that “common sense is not common at all”.
Till tomorrow, I will still say that “nakedness used to be sacred” but today, it saddens my heart that the thing is laid bare on every platform.
I watch TV stations and the music videos get me crying.
Let me just ask: Biko, how much do they pay you/them to go naked in music videos…same video you really know will be watched globally?

The guy/man in that video will be well dressed in a beautiful attire/full regalia, fine jeans, lovely T-shirt, nice canvas/loafers, adorable face cap and other accessories but you what do you put on? Rags, underwear, bikini, bum shorts and skirts, etc.

 Why do you not pause to ponder (and even compare) why that dude is well dressed and gives you peanuts (if any) to flaunt your valuables to the world?
 Why do you not ask him to dress the same way you are dressed so you both will blend? Oh, you think the man won’t look good if he wears boxers/play pants before the entire universe. You are [in Pastor Ezekiel Atang’s voice] suffering from ‘mumulaisis’ and ‘stupidysis’ if you think you are bae in those things you wear.
I didn’t come here to condemn anyone, but permit me to just bare my mind you won’t say you were not told.

I remember back then in the university when a certain sect organized a party and tagged it “bum short party” and a certain guy made serious effort to evangelize girls to attend the party. I bless God for the day he came to invite my friend and I. We told him we will definitely show up for the party in our shorts (and he beamed with smiles) but on the condition that himself and every other guy will wear bum shorts too. Guess what? He got pissed and I asked him what he seeks to achieve by asking a lady to wear bum shorts and not wear it himself and he was bereft of answers. You see, “what is good for the goose is also good for the gander” …or better still, WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER IS ALSO GOOD FOR THE GOOSE. If he cannot misbehave or belittle himself, don’t do it for (or to please) him, no matter what you are given, offered, or even paid.
They call you sexy and you blush. Kindly do me a favour (not yourself oo); google the meaning of sexy. That word does not mean you are beautiful. It only means that you are sexually attractive /appealing…….best for the bed alone. It is not synonymous with being beautiful or lovely. Is that what makes you blush??
Where I come from, they use to say “etañ enó nnyin unen; etañ enó mbukpo” meaning “when the chick is warned, the hawk should be warned also”. Brothers, when next you feel like having a public (and even private) view of nakedness, just undress. You can also dance in bikini; I’m sure you will make a lot of dough out of this. What you cannot flaunt in videos, pictures, etc, desist from demanding same from another person (a lady).
Let me also use this opportunity to entreat us to always use the right words on every occasion. When someone is beautiful, say so. Don’t say “sexy” and mean beautiful.
Sister, I desire that we all come to the consciousness that our price is “far above rubies” and until this awareness is struck, you will continue to spill your worth on the floor, where no blanket will be put over it.

If you don’t get anything from me, please understand that Bae ain’t Bae, if Bae ain’t born again. Life does not begin and end in being a slay queen, Bae or Boo. Let Jesus be your essence. He was slain for your sake, so let Him live on your inside; just receive Him TODAY.


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